«The mountains are mute masters
and make silent disciples»


Status 9.9.2021
From Monday, 13.9.2021 the certification obligation is valid for all hotel guests and restaurant visitors (indoor).
In daytime operation, you may visit our terrace even without a certificate.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to book only the hotel without a valid certificate, without visiting the restaurant. In case of an overnight stay, the certificate is mandatory in any case.
We thank you for your understanding.
The Faulhorn team

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Timetable for Sunday, 26. September 2021

Timetable (26.09.2021)


First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:00 pm

First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:30 pm


First departure:8:50 am
Last departure:5:25 pm

First departure:9:25 am
Last departure:6:00 pm

«Schynige Platte»

First departure:7:25 am
Last departure:4:45 pm

First departure:8:21 am
Last departure:5:53 pm