«The mountains are mute masters
and make silent disciples»

Hiking tip

If you hike up to us from the Schynige Platte and fancy trying a beautiful alternative route back down to First the next day, we recommend the hike around the Schwarzhorn.

Timetable for Tuesday, 17. September 2019

Timetable (17.09.2019)


First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:00 pm

First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:30 pm


First departure:8:45 am
Last departure:5:10 pm

First departure:9:20 am
Last departure:5:45 pm

«Schynige Platte»

First departure:7:25 am
Last departure:4:45 pm

First departure:8:21 am
Last departure:5:53 pm