«The mountains are mute masters
and make silent disciples»

OPEN until 21.10.18

We stay open until Sunday, 21.10.18.
There is still most from the menu available.
The rooms already went to hibernation but you can still get places in the dormitory.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Hiking tip

If you hike up to us from the Schynige Platte and fancy trying a beautiful alternative route back down to First the next day, we recommend the hike around the Schwarzhorn.

Timetable for Saturday, 20. October 2018

Timetable (20.10.2018)


First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:4:30 pm

First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:00 pm


First departure:--.--
Last departure:--.--

First departure:--.--
Last departure:--.--

«Schynige Platte»

First departure:7:25 am
Last departure:4:45 pm

First departure:8:21 am
Last departure:5:53 pm