«The mountains are mute masters
and make silent disciples»


Shhh! The Faulhorn Mountain Hotel is in hibernation now. We look forward to welcome you again in July 2019. Reservations for the 2019 summer season can be made via our booking program.

Timetable for Wednesday, 19. June 2019

Timetable (19.06.2019)


First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:00 pm

First departure:8:30 am
Last departure:5:30 pm


First departure:8:45 am
Last departure:5:10 pm

First departure:9:20 am
Last departure:5:45 pm

«Schynige Platte»

First departure:7:25 am
Last departure:4:45 pm

First departure:8:21 am
Last departure:5:53 pm